Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Mini-me Alcatel One Touch Hero

With the advancement of smart phones with wider screens and enhanced programming technology, one thing is for sure and that is its bulky size getting congested in your trendy fashionable pockets. It's not every time you feel the pride to show-off your gadget freak nature in the public places. The time certainly comes when you do not feel like responding the tickling gadget in your pockets because of the hassle to pull it out. The mobile marketing technology to create a better customer experience has now driven this wacky endeavor of Alcatel to create a smaller version of your smartphone to perform simpler tasks using it like a remote device for your bulky phones.

Alcatel-remote1Alcatel is soon pairing its One touch Hero with a tiny DECT phone like device which will act like a remote to the hero hiding in your pocket. It will not be using any SIM card, but can share the contact list and enable making calls without even touching your Hero Phone. It will be launched in two versions, one with a plastic sleek body and the other in a shiny aluminium brushed structure.

So tech-savvy people can soon avail this Alcatel pair of One touch hero and its mini-me version remote device that will perform the tasks without even letting them touch their main phones. It now depends upon the users to count it as a solution to their bulky smart phones or take it as an extra burden because this too will need a pocket to fit in, but a smaller one.  

Sunday, 11 August 2013

LG 55 Inch Cinema 3D Smart TV LA8600 has come up with the congregation of all such desired features that even goes beyond imagination for the most advanced Smart TV lovers. The wide 55 inch screen of this TV is featured with high quality IPS panel that enables the viewers to experience clearer and sharp pictures in a more superior viewing angle. With its Resolution Upscaler, the viewers can now experience sharing contents from external devices and net without contaminating its picture quality to watch it on the bigger screen.


The Frameless cinema screen design of LG 55 Inch Cinema 3DSmart TV LA8600 with audio features of Clear Voice II gives the experience of watching cinema in the cozy ambiance of your own home. Inspired with highly advanced technology, the LED Plus quality leaves no blurry or dark portions in the pictures enhancing the cinematic viewing experience of the viewers with out any obstructions in sound and picture quality. The Magic Remote is just another inspired technology that has the most advanced features of Pointing, Wheel, Gesture and Voice.


LG 55 Inch Cinema 3D Smart TV LA8600 is not just meant for gaining highly advanced features of a TV, but it is a compact device that is compatible to all the multimedia features of the most highly advanced gadgets. The TV also has a built-in memory card that allows the viewers to watch their favorite live shows without missing their busy schedule. The 3D World Card and HDMI feature enable the viewers to experience the high quality 3D contents and HD contents in a more advanced way. The Wi-Fi connectivity feature allows the users to build a fast connectivity with other multi-media gadgets like tablets and smart phones without any wire.

Multimedia configuration and connectivity

Sharing files has never been so easy with LG 55 Inch Cinema3D Smart TV LA8600. With its compatible features of Wi- Fi and Wi-Di, the viewers can now build a reliable linkage between their smart devices and TV. For gamers, the TV can more or less give the experience of a gaming console with the hi- tech remote. You can also get fast internet connectivity and enjoy the experience of navigation on a big screen with its easy Wi-Fi Connectivity. Above all of its efficient features the Smart Energy Saving that has a backlight control function can save a lot on your utility bills. It also has a screen- off function that enables the users to enjoy listening to their favorite songs without switching on the screen of the TV.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Some Inspirational Quotes Of Life

The inspirational quotes of life are not just the words that add a new zeal in your life, but also help you to gather so
me optimistic views that may not eradicate your problems but can surely fill you with the power to tackle it. These quotes are obviously not spoken by great people, as you can find them easily in books and other articles. These are just my experiences that  I have gained and as a creative writer I have penned down  it with some beautiful words that truly conveys the motivational and inspirational message concealed in it.

I would highly appreciate if the readers could add up their own experience in the comment in the form of such inspirational quotes.

  • The eldest at home and the youngest at work, both suffer. 
  • My dreams are the price to bid my self respect.
  • You never close your ears when you abuse others, so it’ll sound very familiar to hear it back. 
  • There are some richest unemployed people in the world, they are called employers. 
  • Every action has opposite reaction, when you come in this world you cry and the world smile and when you die, you smile and the world cries.
  • There are three types of people in this world, 60% - the ones who create complains, 30% - The ones who let it live and 10% -The ones who kill it.
  • Sun makes the day bright and moon makes the night cool, one who thinks life is dark is the world’s greatest fool. 
  • I wasn't given a choice to be born in this world, though I am not forgiven for my sins. The only person who knows it and hence forgives me is my mother.
  • Open a book and you’ll open your mind and when you close it, you’ll close it in your mind.
  • Don’t dream to reach the top, but to push it higher so you can give the space to the newcomers.
  • A man never finds satisfaction in acquisition, this is human character.
  • Greed is necessary, but only when it is for knowledge and divinity.
  • The only fated things of life in this world are your birth and death, because only then your sins are yours.
  • Your soul is not a gift from god because it is taken back, but your life is a precious gift of god because it will be forever kept in this world.
  • Keep counting your defeats and let a single victory win it all.
  • The man who is not criticized at all shows that he doesn't work at all.
  • We are not aliens to have alien thoughts, with the course of time everything becomes possible in this world.
  • Love does not require words for revelation; a dog will teach you this.
  • A lie that saves hundred truths is more divine than the hundred truths.
  • You cannot be good in everyone’s heart and be human in this world. Even god will be doubted and perhaps that’s the reason why God cannot be counted amongst human.
  • Only true realization can differentiate good and bad as good cannot be good for everyone and bad cannot be bad for everyone.
  • Your family should always come first in your life, as they make the world around you. If you cannot make them happy, how can you tackle the whole world?
  • Social work does not mean to weaken yourself and strengthen others, but to be strong and make others stronger.
  • We humans are so strange, we do a work, it becomes a blunder, we fight to ban it and then we have changed the society 
  • The only thing which never grows old in this world is lust. 
  • The fire of wrath not only burns others but also yourself. 
  • You can never convert the environment into its natural existence; however, you can leave it to remain in its natural existence. 
  • A king cannot be called a pauper if he has lost his treasure and dynasty; similarly a pauper cannot just be made a king lading him with all what a king possesses. 
  • Some things never change in this world, the first is change and the other is something. 
  • If you are strongest, it doesn't mean that you should rule others but not let anyone rule on others. 
  • A true education is not to show the direction where all the others went but to equip the knowledge to follow the direction where all the others never went.
  • There are no chances that you can live your whole life just for today, but there is always an uncertainty that your whole life can just end today.
  • A tree cannot be laden with fruits in day, but it can be cut in a day, likewise, there are no shortcuts to earn a happy life.
  • If belonged to same master, dogs and cats can be friends, why do we humans differentiate races when we all belong to same god.
  • A dog has just two things that get him to be loved by the whole world - loyalty and honesty. 
  • There are so many theories written on “How to be successful?” but not a single on “How to remain successful?” and in precise terms this is what makes everyone successful. 
  • As we all have different characteristics, we have different beliefs and so are religions. 
  • There are two ways to pray god, the first says “Oh god give me this and that” the other says, “Oh god be with me at the times when I don’t have this and that” 
  • When you have no power to change the system, you say it’s dirty and corrupt. 
  • Walls are necessary, because then you can differentiate good and evil.
  • When you know it is impossible, then why do you worry and when you know it’s possible, then again why do you worry. 
  • It is so easy to teach other how to work but again it is so tough making them do that work.
  • A certificate is precisely a ticket to enter the show, after that it’s your show. 
  • Some people speak and leave it to others to work on it and some people work and leave it to others to speak about it. 
  • The whole life is a fight to gain happiness but we never realize it, as we measure it in terms of materialistic luxuries.
  • What is maturity?, a kid smiling right back to an old poor man finding them smiling on him or an adult avoiding the contact fearing that perhaps he is in want of money.
  • A doctor can perfectly change a greedy man reminding him of his next day’s death everyday. 
  • Your inspiration mold the future of your child, if you don’t believe, give an eagle’s egg to a hen for hatching and see how the hen teaches an eagle’s chick to hide from an eagle. 
  • Most of the people try to change others and that is the reason why most of the people never change.
  • If a person always measures the success of a person before taking his advice, he will always remain as a follower and never can be a leader.

Monday, 15 July 2013

How to stay innovative and creative when it is most needed?

“Who says nothing is impossible? Many a times I have done “nothing” in my life. So, even “nothing” is possible.” The proverb positively plays an important role to ignite the fire of creativity. Precisely, creativity cannot be called as an expertise because initially it will be a first time experience in a person’s life. Therefore, it amalgamates all the positive aspects of life that is needed to lead a life successfully.

World is ruled by the rules implied by the rulers and gradually it turns into a theory which limits the horses of mind to gallop independently. There are laws and constitutions that bind the lives of people into a congested box and hence most of the people follow the same path. Self belief plays an important part to stimulate the sense of creativity in our mind. In the time of temptation, when all the people feel insecure to follow the new path, it is the self belief that empowers you with a new courage to implement your creative thoughts. The other important factor is your optimistic perspective regarding the circumstances; any negative thought can kill your sense of creativity and appall you to follow the same path that is easy and common.

So ultimately the following points help you to stay innovative and creative when it is most needed:

  1. Be pre-determined to accept failure – Believe it, this is what ignites the fire in your belly. Even failure has its positive impact in your life. Once a person asked Thomas Alva Edison, the creator of bulb, “Looking at the number of times you have failed, anyone would have made a bulb work,” At this Edison’s creative answer was, “You’re right my friend, any one would have made a bulb work, but he wouldn’t know the number of reasons why a bulb wouldn’t work”.
  2. Strong self- belief.
  3. Logical perspective – Creativity doesn’t mean to approve hypothetical scenarios. It should be relevant to the facts and have perfectly visionary results.

Above all your submissiveness is the main factor which includes your listening skills to fetch both the negative and positive remarks of the criticism you will receive from other people. This gives you more details about the predictive situations and helps you to be more creative to strengthen your thoughts.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Make Money By Writing Reviews About A Product.

Review Writing - an easy way of making money.

In today's advanced marketing strategy, online marketing has gained a superior position in developing the growth prospects of every kind of business. There are no restrictions that can stabilize the demand and supply curve, but in contrary it has given rise to unlimited targets for the businesses. However, such scenarios have also enhanced the quality parameters for the businesses, where now they are required to give intense emphasis on every petite disadvantageous perception of their customers that can ruin the image of the goodwill of such businesses. In order to increase the efficiency of a manufacturing business, review writing has been accepted as a reliable source of implementing effective marketing methods. It is a category of writing, where the consumers reveal their experiences about the products in a more critical way that from both the positive and negative angles become an effective way of attracting more enthusiastic consumers, overall increasing the demand and supply curve of the products. These writings commonly take the shape of a forum that easily can attract the targeted consumers of a product in a more convincing manner giving them the balanced information about its efficient features.

When it comes to seek for the legitimate ways to make money online by using your versatile writing skills, then review writing can be a good start a new writer. In such category of writing you have no restrictions that often become the reasons for rejections when you submit your valuables articles anticipating a good amount of money in return. These are the times when every writer has to tolerate and tackle with such reluctant situation and find some other alternative solution. In such situation, to drive your passion of writing, the return price for your writings can play an important role to motivate and pursue your writing career.
Review writing is one such ideal way of making money online by writing that allows every writer to independently ride the horses of creativity and produce articles. It can altogether fulfill all the criteria required for the writers to initially set up their online money making profile.
What is review writing?
In addition to its benefits for both the consumers and the manufacturers, review writing can be a good part time income for the aspiring writers. They can just write a short review of all the products that they use commonly at home and in return earn comparatively a good amount of money easily. There are many such websites that not only pay the writers for their candid reviews about a product but also reward them with extra bonus if some one votes for it. This can help the writers to earn money continuously without any effort. However, the reviews should be more catchy that can appall the readers to share their own experiences about the products.
Product Details  is one such website that can really help the consumers and the manufacturers to choose their preferred products by checking its advantages and disadvantages in advance. It has nearly all the products that are used commonly in today's society. It also pays the writers and consumers for giving their valuable reviews about the different products that can help the new consumers to make their preferred choice.
Review writing can not just help the manufacturers to enhance the quality of the products but it also enables them to understand the true needs of the consumers. It is a communicative way of understanding the views and opinions of the market, where the true feed backs of the consumers help them to plan a new strategy on developing the goodwill of their business.
Its easier join these sites with your Google account and share your experiences about a product where you can easily earn anywhere from $2.5 -$3.8 per review and $0.06 per vote.

Are you spending your valuable time searching for writing jobs?

This situation is most common among the aspiring writers who would be struggling to enliven their spirit of a writer while in their starving situation. The new writers often face this reluctant situation while they endeavor to switch their work and get the entry to their passionate world of writing. The hours and days are spent on hunting for the alluring websites, links, and articles that hypnotize their readers with enchanting words revealing the promises of greener pastures that are seldom easier to the extent in the way they are written. This often leads the writers out of the track where they forget the objective of their effort – Writing.

 When it comes to writing, there are two ways to earn money. One is by bidding or pitching for the jobs that are mentioned in many freelancing sites like Odesk, Elance and The other option seems tedious and non-achievable for the writers like earning money from Google adsense, Amazon and Chitika. The second option requires enough time to generate revenues for the writers, and this particular thought makes the writer to select this option in their pending list. This pending list is then never filled as the time is spent more on searching for instant payment writing jobs that fuel the wagon of freelance writing career of the writers. As the assignments or the contracts are finished, the writer is again seen on the way to hunt for such instant payment writing jobs.  The struggle continues and the writer slowly loses the creative independent spirit that he had in the beginning, and gets more inclined towards the assigned topics. Ultimately, the writer takes the same passionate job as a deadline to meet, rate to negotiate, rejections to be reviewed, Grammer to be scratched, and the payment date to be waited. The time passes by not as a writer but as a reviewer where the things are to be re-written in a different and unique style, in other words avoiding plagiarism.

In order to tackle such inevitable situation, the writers can precisely follow a predetermined schedule that will slowly drive their passion into perfection, when a day will come when the hunt for writing jobs will end and the income figures will seem like magical scores rising without the least effort compared to the hunt for writing assignments.
  • 1.     Create a blog, and start writing anything you wish to proclaim to this world as a writer.

    2.     Follow the routine stringently where you make sure to submit at least three good articles every day.

    3.    Plan your time to hunt for higher paying writing jobs, and until then, be with your current writing profile in freelance writing jobs.

    4.   Never let the pressure kill your creativity and enthusiasm for your preferred niche or genre of writing.

    5.     Do not be too avaricious to jump for higher paying writing jobs. With the span of time, you will get the jobs that will offer you higher payments.

    6.     Take the feedback and rejections with an optimistic view and work on it rather than accusing the sites as fraudulent sites. Even if the sites are scam, you need to have efficient writing skills to proclaim your situation in the forums and posts.

    7.     Do not let impatience rule on your passion, take this job more as a passion than an earning option. This will help you to stay oblivious of the long span of time required for your blog to start generating viable income for you.

    8.     Build your own perspective about all the options that you learn for making money online by writing.

    9.     Plan some extra time for social life as this gives you the inspiration to write for new topics that can be unique with your own experience.

    10. Think as a writer rather than a content developer, as in the end your own creative skills are what that turn every common niche into a unique piece of article.

    So, just take your time and think about the hours you have spent for registration in those promising websites, and finally all went in vain when you found some problem with the site and had to quit back. These times could have been well utilized to fill your own sites that will slowly reach you to your desired position as a writer.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

10 latest techniques of SEO 2013

The experts in Search Engine Optimization always crave for the latest updates on newer SEO techniques that both involves the offline and online methods to enhance their skills in web-development media.  The techniques of SEO in 2013 have relevantly added some new technical concepts for the webmasters in measuring the ranks of the blogs and websites. The previous years had obviously seen some loopholes  in search engines like Google, that benefited some websites with its witty techniques to fool the crawlers and get the higher ranks. However, this has been sorted out more stringently by the search engines to shut the open cracks that were once used to get easy rankings. The launch of Panda and Penguin are the best examples where the change in the ranking algorithm resulted in bewilderment for many high ranked sites. The Panda again had its recent update in 2013 with new instructions for SEO experts to follow the parameters of ranking algorithm. These instructions as per the SEO experts can briefly be congregated in the following 10 latest techniques of SEO 2013:

1  Wipe off the low quality links for your site:

With the recent updates in the Google ranking algorithm, the quality of the links play a major role for SEO ranking. The site links should be checked on different parameters like the PR, its on-page elements, the outbound links etc. After the close review of the site links , if it goes to some irrelevant sites and finally shows itself under a low category link then such links should be wiped off. 

2. The appropriate design for your site :

After the Panda's new update it allowed Google to count the user's experience with the site as a part of its ranking algorithm. Therefore, in order to be user friendly, the site has to have appropriate meta tags, no repetitive contents and an attractive design. Penguin update again revealed its new instructions with its penalization too many sites that used the so called- Black hat techniques.  Ultimately, it meant that the site should stringently follow the Google guide lines for a better SEO.

3. Social marketing - set up your strategy to follow.

As an SEO expert, this may not be new in comparison to the previous SEO techniques. However, it should not involve the social marketing tricks that tempt the visitors to your site. The links should be established with relevant sites and contents that in fact build a reliable source of traffic with targeted viewers. This helps the ranking algorithm to rank your site due the quality time spent by the readers in your site.

 4. Emphasize more on quality content sites than the ad-filled sites: 

The recent update of Panda checks the content of your site in comparison to the ads shown in your site. Therefore, you should focus more on providing quality articles for the users instead of providing them with more ads that are attractive. 
5.  Opt for quality link building sites with relevant contents:

Avoid the sites that claim to increase your back-links within a short period of time. As with the new updates, Google has developed its stringent methods to check the relevance of the links that your site contains to the content of your site. It should be rather more natural where the Back links should be perfectly matching to the subject of your site. 

6. Guest posting to the sites that match your site's profile:

Guest posting is another technique that may not sound so new, however, the intention of the guest blogger or writer can perfectly determine the rank according to the new updated Google ranking algorithm. The volume of articles may not work but the quality of articles and the guest blogging sites can certainly play a major role for SEO ranking of your site.

7. Enhance your traffic with more search engines: 

With all the recent updates of Google taking place on a regular basis, it is highly recommended to submit your site in multiple search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc. This can increase the traffic to your site with more quality links from other search engines. 

9. Relevant key words for your domain: 

The practice of getting highly searched keywords into the domain to increase the ranking has now stopped gaining fruitful results because of recent EMD update. Therefore, the keywords that you use for the domains should perfectly match the quality content of the sites in order to get through the EMD update for a better rank.

10.  Work naturally for your anchor texts: 

After the penguin update the anchor texts that landed to the sites not at all relevant to the contextual text, were all lost in the crowd due to rank degradation. Therefore, the best way to overcome this new update is to work naturally and insert the texts that truly match the business of your site. This way the quality of the links your site contains can work as a parameter for ranking algorithms to rank your site.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Write To Fight Back Your Stress

 A certain time comes in life, when things rather turn up into more spiritual than in its practical form. These are the times, when you measure all the outcomes and it leaves you with clear predication about the things not going into its right direction or it may take some time to gain its desired shape. Your mind with its decisive eye gets no clues on making up things to mold it in its positive form and becomes idle.The intense feeling of defeat and tiredness washes out the zeal and energy from your mind and body making you feel weak and dead.

When no means of healing techniques empower you to persevere the dark moments of your life, then the best option can be writing your experience. There are many spiritual books to tackle such situations, but here you have to be on your own as writer rather than a reader In such writings, you can just share your experience in a conclusive manner, where your creative mind will surprisingly even give the best solution that you too were lacking few moments earlier. “People always try to change others, and that’s the reason why most of the people never change in this world,” when you start writing, your mind considers you as a second person and unfastens its knots to loosen its creative thought for a conclusive solution. In a way, you will be writing to help yourself and others as well. Here are five tips that you can try when you are in such situation and extirpate your stress within an hour without any effective medication or physical exercise.

1.     Choose a topic that is relevant to your expertise.

If you are a blogger, jewelry designer, painter, writer, businessperson, relationship expert, or a person with any other expertise then just think of a reason of your stress and relate it with your expertise. For example, if you are a businessperson that you can start a topic like “How to overcome an XYZ situation in business?” and similarly, “How to deal with your frustration when your writings are getting rejected.

2.     Write its body in a conclusive manner

When you start writing, just think about your readers who will be reading your article. Now your mind will be diverted putting itself in the same situation but this time by its own will, that will give it the power to think freely. It is like cliff diving gathering your own strength and courage rather than someone pushing you down into the water.

3.     Share your experience with a common perspective

When you write, do not just think about your weaknesses, but also focus on those parts that are still holding you to stand erect in spite of all the declining situations. This way you will be driving your concentration towards your optimistic attitude becoming oblivious of all the negative aspects that were making you down.

4.     Enliven the creative soul in you

Once you get the solution to all the problems that you have mentioned in the articles, your creative mind gathers all the strength to work freely and this starts the flow of positive energy in your body. Your mind starts thinking about the practical things in a way - “When you know it’s possible, why to worry, and again when you know it’s impossible why do you worry.” This way the things that you take more practically can be won by your creative thoughts.

5.     Enjoy the comments of your readers

Now ultimately the time comes to create a positive environment, where the feeling of loneliness is washed away by the comments and likes of your readers. This way you not only create a positive world around you but also gain a prime role of expert to solve such problems. You can either create free ebooks to invite the valuable comments of your readers that can reach you at the top of the world.

Now in the end after you have followed all the above-mentioned tips just measure your level of stress and you will be surprised that in the beginning it was you, who was in the extreme need of reading this article.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Review writer - An affiliate marketer for your product.

When it comes to reveal the concealed  tactics for  online marketing, We are quite happy to cut it into many small useful pieces that will each bring with it a new good reason proving the importance of a writer. Whether it's a product based company or a service based company, the consumers always like to hear other's  reviews and opinions for the conformation on their choice. In this context, the writer again comes into the scenario, where the creative words not only help the consumers to choose their preferred items, but in whole it also helps the manufacturers to understand the ideal need of their consumers.  

How can a review writer increase your sales ?

A expert's advice: 

A review writer can precisely be taken as an expert consumer who can distinguish the good and the bad features of a product in way that it will fit into the perceptional views of different consumers. It means that the  bad features of a product can turn into a good feature for some of the consumers giving them the honest review about the product. 

The hot discussion:

The unbiased description with catchy titles can be more attractive, as consumers always love to share their opinions. This lively discussion about the product will attract more interested buyers with ample questions that will trigger the sales opportunity for your product. These reviews also can prove to be more informative  for the consumers, where it'll help them to clarify their doubts about the products.

The quality traffic:

These reviews usually are written with appropriate keywords, that increase the number of traffic for your site. This way you can draw  traffic from various quality links that are featured in high standard sites. In the long run these quality links can play an important role to increase the page rank of your site.

The effective survey:

Ultimately, these reviews can help the manufacturers to enhance their efficiency in delivering high quality products by reading the market through the consumer's eyes. This way they can retrieve valuable market information about the demand and the supply to create effective marketing policies for their products.

So a review writer in the long run can be a reliable and efficient affiliate marker for your product who will not only have the expertise on the pros and cons of your products, but will also have the perfect understanding of market strategy about the products.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

True experiences of a freelancer writer

Weeks and months have passed, but your hard endeavor to establish your name as a freelancer writer is now becoming fruitless. You have searched numerous sites describing 101 ways to become a freelancer writer and 101 sites that pay you for your writings. The flowery words that push you into the world of writing career with full zeal and determination will start wearing dubious attire in your mind. All those sites, where you have signed up will only result to fill your inbox with rejection mails with obscure reasons. The general discussions about the ways to earn money as a writer precisely don’t fit commonly in the bag of every writer. The things may get worse with the writers who are non-native English writers, as for them the eligibility criteria is always more than what its usually mentioned in 101 sites. Therefore, you should be witty enough not to waste your time following the steps of the sites that say “ High paying writing jobs” or ultimately you may end up being a frustrated man with nothing in your box except rejection emails.

So now you want some true facets of freelance writing where you just want to get a start, and this is so true in real terms. I have worked out on some exercise techniques that can gradually drive you towards the promising career of a freelancer writer. However, your personalized perceptions are always heralded in different circumstances, where you just don’t need any assistance.

  1. If you think you can write, it means you can become a writer.

A man cannot judge a man with his present acquisitions, as his future perspectives depends upon the heights of determinations, dreams and ambitions he holds within him. Therefore, don’t just start believing others more than yourself, who are expert in giving out depressing statements like “you can’t be a writer”. Your own belief will stimulate the level of energy and will make you grasp things more quickly than others can imagine. If you have already experienced this, then you can just rate yourself by reading your previous articles and feel the changes in you.

  1. As a non native writer, think about its positive side.

The thought of being a non native writer can precisely dishearten your determination. It is obvious that the eligibility conditions mentioned to apply as a writer are designed by considering native writers in the list. So for non-native writers the review process gets more stringent as they also have to be reliable. However, this should always be remembered that when it comes to language, no one can comment on your perfection. There are clients who also seek for such writers, as being a resident of different culture, country, the writing style may come out to be different from them and uniqueness is always valued in freelance writing. The product reviews, travel writing, guest blogging always prefer writers from different countries to reveal more diverse experiences in the website as ultimately the story, description, truthfulness is what the readers seek in an article. It’s only the writers, and the publishers who go in details to look for simple grammer mistakes. 

  1. Work on your bidding letters, profile page, and ratings of the clients.
Your profile is the first impression on your clients, so never take it easy to write it in a more casual tone. Remember it’s not a social networking site where you just want to look cool amongst your friends and contacts. Make it more professional and be assertive in your tone. If you already have started in some freelancing sites like odesk, guru, elance and others then start with low paying clients who will in return give you good ratings, because precisely these ratings are the things that brings you more clients with  their invitations for interviews.

  1. Make your own blog or website

The best way to practice writing is starting your own blog. Initially do not worry about monetizing you blog, or optimizing it, but just think it as an internet profile that will share your writings. You can choose any category you like for example, the best places to visit in your town (Travel writing), what do you think about the frequently changing compatibility version of cell phones etc? (Technical writing, review writing). To get a start you can just share your posts in social networking sites and check their comments. Gradually, you can then learn the technicalities of  SEO and this way you will get a strong inspiration.

  1. Read the articles written by writers on “How to earn money as a writer?”

Instead of the same common instructions, go for something real and logistic that will not only teach you the techniques but also give you the platform to apply your chances with such techniques. In this context can be more helpful where you can find the true experiences of a young writer turned into a high profile writer. These articles can help you once you have completed all the stages that have been described above.

Ultimately, don’t just stick to one category of writing. In order to gain experience in writing you should try all the categories, because then you can polish your writing style with proper understanding of the methods on how to reveal your opinion in lucrative words.  The steps mentioned above will not perfectly mould you into a writer, but these are the initial steps which you have to follow because you may not need any more instructions further after you fully implement the ideas mentioned in this article. 

Friday, 3 May 2013

Travel Writing – An experience revealed with expertise.

Many travel writing enthusiasts go astray in their endeavor to gain perfection in Travel Writing. The best part of Travel writing is that it not only is the best way of internet marketing but also a social revelation about the new concepts, culture and tradition of a destination. It is a way to convey the message of all the important factors like ecology, economy and society that are responsible in building a peaceful world in today’s society. These are the inevitable points that can attract readers with more involvement sharing their own views and opinions. Therefore, travel writing has more potential to grasp the desired outcome than any other category of writing.

With the span of time travel industry has overcome many conceptualized changes. Today, unlike the earlier definition of travel industry where it was more confined to exploring leisurely experiences, it has expanded its relevant field and acquired more intricate shape where every aspect of modern economy can be related with this industry. It has now moreover formed a shape where adventurous exploration is given more emphasis than the luxurious experiences. Ultimately the technicalities to pitch for travel writing have become more advanced. This article will show light on some basic areas that is required by most of the travel companies before one opts for pitching their criteria for a travel writing.

  • It’s not the destination, but the experience.

A true traveler loves to explore newer destination not only because of the unique natural beauty the destination is blessed with but altogether an experience of uniqueness that one gets mingling with the environment and culture of the desired destination. Therefore, what makes the travel writing unique is the experience of the travel writer, because the destination can be explored by everyone, but everyone cannot gain the same experience.

  • A true perspective of the destination rather than artistic description.

It’s not always the good thing about a place that turns the article into catchy travel writing but also the consequences and ugly side of the destination. The artistic description that only reveals the beauty of a place will make the article more like an exaggerated fiction, whereas the travel writing amalgamates the real experiences of the world that can not always be one’s sweet memories. A narrative description with perfect mixture of common feelings of a traveler is what will hold the readers making them flow in the writer’s shoes.

  • Be a true guide to escort the readers to the destination.

It should always be remembered that as a travel writer you don’t want to end your writing like a news reader, but a true guide with expert instructions about the destinations like how to reach ?, where to stay? What not to miss? Etc. However, all these things doesn't require to be described in an educational manner, but rather like an experience that you've gained because there are always better options that you may not have availed. 

  • Define the culture on the basis of its different features in comparison to other common culture. 

Every country, city, town and village has its different culture, that may sometime seem mean in comparison to your culture, but that doesn't mean that it’s inferior to your culture. The description should be in a tone of a discoverer rather than a reviewer.  That’ll reveal the respect a true traveler should have regarding every destination of this world.

  •  Enliven the moments with perfect emotions that you truly lived it with. 
Your emotional tone describing the moments will act like a visualized video where every reader can feel his or her own presence flowing with every sentence of your article. Therefore, the endeavor should be to make it precise without any tedious exaggeration that can otherwise turn your perfect article to a boring piece of material 

  • Make it an open ended writing that’ll hold the readers and heighten their curiosity of your next exploration. 
It’ll not only help you to stay motivated in writing but also the readers to come back and check for your next exploration. An open ended article doesn't mean that you should leave it in its incomplete form but your writing skills should be creative to cleverly mention your next move. For example, “The experience was great and now I know in advance what I should expect before going to India, my next destination.”

In the end, as a travel writer you should build the passion to share your experiences with the world and an eye to see praiseworthy things about a place that common people never can feel. It is always best to accept the notion that some small and unnoticed things in this world can precisely bring more happiness than the biggest things in this world.    


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The internet marketing professionals for your business

The changes in the concepts of marketing techniques have certainly widened the profitable aspects of a business by spreading the number of consumers without any geographical restrictions. However, it has also created a necessity of proper education about the close factors that are inevitable in the process of marketing. Internet plays the prime role in this context, where it has broken all the barriers that were seldom crossed by the majority of business owners who followed the traditional methods of trading. Today, in order to cope with the growing demand, frequent advancements, and easy marketing techniques, every business firm should take it as a compulsion to upgrade their marketing techniques to the most advanced version of internet marketing. When it comes to internet marketing there are many basic things that you can follow as beginner to expand the efficiency of your business and expect good results. The following steps can give you the basic concept that you can make your move within no time.

  1. Create a window to showcase your products, create a website. 
If you consider Internet as a potential market for possible consumers then a website will be a place to showcase your products where they can verify the quality, choice and other things of your product. It’s a prominent space where you can reveal your unique selling points, the good will and build customer relationship. Therefore, it becomes obvious that the quality of your website will have a strong relevance to the standard of your products that perhaps no one would like to compromise with petite cheap exchanges. This is when a writer and a web developer come into scenario. A professional writer will be the one who can really ornate your site with professional and informative articles about your business and products with effective impression on the readers. This can increase the conversion rate of the traffic and will ultimately generate leads for your business. The design also play an important role, this work can be perfectly heaved by the designer who will relatively give an artistic touch to your site.

  1. Pull the traffic to your site – SEO 
A simple website can alone not bring you huge sales and affiliates, but precisely it’s the number and the quality of the traffic that your site can receive. It also depends upon the category of the traffic, so the right keywords play an important role to attract potential buyers. A perfect SEO writer can provide you the expertise in this context. With the perfect keyword analysis, right density and high quality article, you can certainly see the improvement in the statistical report of your business site.

  1. Social marketing – a fun loving activity. 
Social marketing is another way of bringing people together, so it’s a perfect place where you can proclaim the quality of your products in a way that’ll seem like enjoying the shared updates of the community.

  1. Guest comments, blogging, reviews etc 
This is also a helpful method to attract the right category of traffic for your site. You can again hire writers for guest blogging, forum posting, commenting and writing reviews about your products for other similar sites. It can also be called back-linking in a technical language.

Ultimately, the above methods reveal the basic things of internet marketing that can be helpful for the beginner. However, after a business firm enters into the world of internet marketing there are certain technicalities which will need more research and development work. Above all, the choice of hiring professionals like writers, designers for a long term solely depends upon the affordability of the firm, but in return the firm can really achieve the desired targets in aspect of capacity, profitability and the size of business.