Monday, 15 July 2013

How to stay innovative and creative when it is most needed?

“Who says nothing is impossible? Many a times I have done “nothing” in my life. So, even “nothing” is possible.” The proverb positively plays an important role to ignite the fire of creativity. Precisely, creativity cannot be called as an expertise because initially it will be a first time experience in a person’s life. Therefore, it amalgamates all the positive aspects of life that is needed to lead a life successfully.

World is ruled by the rules implied by the rulers and gradually it turns into a theory which limits the horses of mind to gallop independently. There are laws and constitutions that bind the lives of people into a congested box and hence most of the people follow the same path. Self belief plays an important part to stimulate the sense of creativity in our mind. In the time of temptation, when all the people feel insecure to follow the new path, it is the self belief that empowers you with a new courage to implement your creative thoughts. The other important factor is your optimistic perspective regarding the circumstances; any negative thought can kill your sense of creativity and appall you to follow the same path that is easy and common.

So ultimately the following points help you to stay innovative and creative when it is most needed:

  1. Be pre-determined to accept failure – Believe it, this is what ignites the fire in your belly. Even failure has its positive impact in your life. Once a person asked Thomas Alva Edison, the creator of bulb, “Looking at the number of times you have failed, anyone would have made a bulb work,” At this Edison’s creative answer was, “You’re right my friend, any one would have made a bulb work, but he wouldn’t know the number of reasons why a bulb wouldn’t work”.
  2. Strong self- belief.
  3. Logical perspective – Creativity doesn’t mean to approve hypothetical scenarios. It should be relevant to the facts and have perfectly visionary results.

Above all your submissiveness is the main factor which includes your listening skills to fetch both the negative and positive remarks of the criticism you will receive from other people. This gives you more details about the predictive situations and helps you to be more creative to strengthen your thoughts.