Sunday, 30 June 2013

10 latest techniques of SEO 2013

The experts in Search Engine Optimization always crave for the latest updates on newer SEO techniques that both involves the offline and online methods to enhance their skills in web-development media.  The techniques of SEO in 2013 have relevantly added some new technical concepts for the webmasters in measuring the ranks of the blogs and websites. The previous years had obviously seen some loopholes  in search engines like Google, that benefited some websites with its witty techniques to fool the crawlers and get the higher ranks. However, this has been sorted out more stringently by the search engines to shut the open cracks that were once used to get easy rankings. The launch of Panda and Penguin are the best examples where the change in the ranking algorithm resulted in bewilderment for many high ranked sites. The Panda again had its recent update in 2013 with new instructions for SEO experts to follow the parameters of ranking algorithm. These instructions as per the SEO experts can briefly be congregated in the following 10 latest techniques of SEO 2013:

1  Wipe off the low quality links for your site:

With the recent updates in the Google ranking algorithm, the quality of the links play a major role for SEO ranking. The site links should be checked on different parameters like the PR, its on-page elements, the outbound links etc. After the close review of the site links , if it goes to some irrelevant sites and finally shows itself under a low category link then such links should be wiped off. 

2. The appropriate design for your site :

After the Panda's new update it allowed Google to count the user's experience with the site as a part of its ranking algorithm. Therefore, in order to be user friendly, the site has to have appropriate meta tags, no repetitive contents and an attractive design. Penguin update again revealed its new instructions with its penalization too many sites that used the so called- Black hat techniques.  Ultimately, it meant that the site should stringently follow the Google guide lines for a better SEO.

3. Social marketing - set up your strategy to follow.

As an SEO expert, this may not be new in comparison to the previous SEO techniques. However, it should not involve the social marketing tricks that tempt the visitors to your site. The links should be established with relevant sites and contents that in fact build a reliable source of traffic with targeted viewers. This helps the ranking algorithm to rank your site due the quality time spent by the readers in your site.

 4. Emphasize more on quality content sites than the ad-filled sites: 

The recent update of Panda checks the content of your site in comparison to the ads shown in your site. Therefore, you should focus more on providing quality articles for the users instead of providing them with more ads that are attractive. 
5.  Opt for quality link building sites with relevant contents:

Avoid the sites that claim to increase your back-links within a short period of time. As with the new updates, Google has developed its stringent methods to check the relevance of the links that your site contains to the content of your site. It should be rather more natural where the Back links should be perfectly matching to the subject of your site. 

6. Guest posting to the sites that match your site's profile:

Guest posting is another technique that may not sound so new, however, the intention of the guest blogger or writer can perfectly determine the rank according to the new updated Google ranking algorithm. The volume of articles may not work but the quality of articles and the guest blogging sites can certainly play a major role for SEO ranking of your site.

7. Enhance your traffic with more search engines: 

With all the recent updates of Google taking place on a regular basis, it is highly recommended to submit your site in multiple search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc. This can increase the traffic to your site with more quality links from other search engines. 

9. Relevant key words for your domain: 

The practice of getting highly searched keywords into the domain to increase the ranking has now stopped gaining fruitful results because of recent EMD update. Therefore, the keywords that you use for the domains should perfectly match the quality content of the sites in order to get through the EMD update for a better rank.

10.  Work naturally for your anchor texts: 

After the penguin update the anchor texts that landed to the sites not at all relevant to the contextual text, were all lost in the crowd due to rank degradation. Therefore, the best way to overcome this new update is to work naturally and insert the texts that truly match the business of your site. This way the quality of the links your site contains can work as a parameter for ranking algorithms to rank your site.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Write To Fight Back Your Stress

 A certain time comes in life, when things rather turn up into more spiritual than in its practical form. These are the times, when you measure all the outcomes and it leaves you with clear predication about the things not going into its right direction or it may take some time to gain its desired shape. Your mind with its decisive eye gets no clues on making up things to mold it in its positive form and becomes idle.The intense feeling of defeat and tiredness washes out the zeal and energy from your mind and body making you feel weak and dead.

When no means of healing techniques empower you to persevere the dark moments of your life, then the best option can be writing your experience. There are many spiritual books to tackle such situations, but here you have to be on your own as writer rather than a reader In such writings, you can just share your experience in a conclusive manner, where your creative mind will surprisingly even give the best solution that you too were lacking few moments earlier. “People always try to change others, and that’s the reason why most of the people never change in this world,” when you start writing, your mind considers you as a second person and unfastens its knots to loosen its creative thought for a conclusive solution. In a way, you will be writing to help yourself and others as well. Here are five tips that you can try when you are in such situation and extirpate your stress within an hour without any effective medication or physical exercise.

1.     Choose a topic that is relevant to your expertise.

If you are a blogger, jewelry designer, painter, writer, businessperson, relationship expert, or a person with any other expertise then just think of a reason of your stress and relate it with your expertise. For example, if you are a businessperson that you can start a topic like “How to overcome an XYZ situation in business?” and similarly, “How to deal with your frustration when your writings are getting rejected.

2.     Write its body in a conclusive manner

When you start writing, just think about your readers who will be reading your article. Now your mind will be diverted putting itself in the same situation but this time by its own will, that will give it the power to think freely. It is like cliff diving gathering your own strength and courage rather than someone pushing you down into the water.

3.     Share your experience with a common perspective

When you write, do not just think about your weaknesses, but also focus on those parts that are still holding you to stand erect in spite of all the declining situations. This way you will be driving your concentration towards your optimistic attitude becoming oblivious of all the negative aspects that were making you down.

4.     Enliven the creative soul in you

Once you get the solution to all the problems that you have mentioned in the articles, your creative mind gathers all the strength to work freely and this starts the flow of positive energy in your body. Your mind starts thinking about the practical things in a way - “When you know it’s possible, why to worry, and again when you know it’s impossible why do you worry.” This way the things that you take more practically can be won by your creative thoughts.

5.     Enjoy the comments of your readers

Now ultimately the time comes to create a positive environment, where the feeling of loneliness is washed away by the comments and likes of your readers. This way you not only create a positive world around you but also gain a prime role of expert to solve such problems. You can either create free ebooks to invite the valuable comments of your readers that can reach you at the top of the world.

Now in the end after you have followed all the above-mentioned tips just measure your level of stress and you will be surprised that in the beginning it was you, who was in the extreme need of reading this article.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Review writer - An affiliate marketer for your product.

When it comes to reveal the concealed  tactics for  online marketing, We are quite happy to cut it into many small useful pieces that will each bring with it a new good reason proving the importance of a writer. Whether it's a product based company or a service based company, the consumers always like to hear other's  reviews and opinions for the conformation on their choice. In this context, the writer again comes into the scenario, where the creative words not only help the consumers to choose their preferred items, but in whole it also helps the manufacturers to understand the ideal need of their consumers.  

How can a review writer increase your sales ?

A expert's advice: 

A review writer can precisely be taken as an expert consumer who can distinguish the good and the bad features of a product in way that it will fit into the perceptional views of different consumers. It means that the  bad features of a product can turn into a good feature for some of the consumers giving them the honest review about the product. 

The hot discussion:

The unbiased description with catchy titles can be more attractive, as consumers always love to share their opinions. This lively discussion about the product will attract more interested buyers with ample questions that will trigger the sales opportunity for your product. These reviews also can prove to be more informative  for the consumers, where it'll help them to clarify their doubts about the products.

The quality traffic:

These reviews usually are written with appropriate keywords, that increase the number of traffic for your site. This way you can draw  traffic from various quality links that are featured in high standard sites. In the long run these quality links can play an important role to increase the page rank of your site.

The effective survey:

Ultimately, these reviews can help the manufacturers to enhance their efficiency in delivering high quality products by reading the market through the consumer's eyes. This way they can retrieve valuable market information about the demand and the supply to create effective marketing policies for their products.

So a review writer in the long run can be a reliable and efficient affiliate marker for your product who will not only have the expertise on the pros and cons of your products, but will also have the perfect understanding of market strategy about the products.