Categories and Rates

The following are the categories and genre under creative writing and drawing for different publishers and clients, you can accordingly choose yours from the list and send your queries respectively. I would be more than happy to respond you within 8 hours of your post.

Ghost Writing :) 

Fiction - Romance, horror, Humor, Paranormal, Children stories etc.
Non- Fiction - Autobiography, Travel & Tourism, Event, Grant Proposals, Rationale writing etc.

Ebook Writing:)

Reviews, Personal experience, informative articles, stories etc

Greeting Cards Writing:)

Humorous, inspirational, congratulations, friendship, romantic, relationship, apology etc.

Website Content Writing:)

Re- writing articles, Reviews, Product description, Travel writing, Forum posting, Blogging, Article writing etc

Creative Writing :)

Script, ad -writing, narration, Art rationale etc.

Manual Drawing :)

Cover designs, cartoon. portrait, theme based painting etc.

Please send your queries for rates on the respective categories. 
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