Sunday, 11 August 2013

LG 55 Inch Cinema 3D Smart TV LA8600 has come up with the congregation of all such desired features that even goes beyond imagination for the most advanced Smart TV lovers. The wide 55 inch screen of this TV is featured with high quality IPS panel that enables the viewers to experience clearer and sharp pictures in a more superior viewing angle. With its Resolution Upscaler, the viewers can now experience sharing contents from external devices and net without contaminating its picture quality to watch it on the bigger screen.


The Frameless cinema screen design of LG 55 Inch Cinema 3DSmart TV LA8600 with audio features of Clear Voice II gives the experience of watching cinema in the cozy ambiance of your own home. Inspired with highly advanced technology, the LED Plus quality leaves no blurry or dark portions in the pictures enhancing the cinematic viewing experience of the viewers with out any obstructions in sound and picture quality. The Magic Remote is just another inspired technology that has the most advanced features of Pointing, Wheel, Gesture and Voice.


LG 55 Inch Cinema 3D Smart TV LA8600 is not just meant for gaining highly advanced features of a TV, but it is a compact device that is compatible to all the multimedia features of the most highly advanced gadgets. The TV also has a built-in memory card that allows the viewers to watch their favorite live shows without missing their busy schedule. The 3D World Card and HDMI feature enable the viewers to experience the high quality 3D contents and HD contents in a more advanced way. The Wi-Fi connectivity feature allows the users to build a fast connectivity with other multi-media gadgets like tablets and smart phones without any wire.

Multimedia configuration and connectivity

Sharing files has never been so easy with LG 55 Inch Cinema3D Smart TV LA8600. With its compatible features of Wi- Fi and Wi-Di, the viewers can now build a reliable linkage between their smart devices and TV. For gamers, the TV can more or less give the experience of a gaming console with the hi- tech remote. You can also get fast internet connectivity and enjoy the experience of navigation on a big screen with its easy Wi-Fi Connectivity. Above all of its efficient features the Smart Energy Saving that has a backlight control function can save a lot on your utility bills. It also has a screen- off function that enables the users to enjoy listening to their favorite songs without switching on the screen of the TV.