Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Mini-me Alcatel One Touch Hero

With the advancement of smart phones with wider screens and enhanced programming technology, one thing is for sure and that is its bulky size getting congested in your trendy fashionable pockets. It's not every time you feel the pride to show-off your gadget freak nature in the public places. The time certainly comes when you do not feel like responding the tickling gadget in your pockets because of the hassle to pull it out. The mobile marketing technology to create a better customer experience has now driven this wacky endeavor of Alcatel to create a smaller version of your smartphone to perform simpler tasks using it like a remote device for your bulky phones.

Alcatel-remote1Alcatel is soon pairing its One touch Hero with a tiny DECT phone like device which will act like a remote to the hero hiding in your pocket. It will not be using any SIM card, but can share the contact list and enable making calls without even touching your Hero Phone. It will be launched in two versions, one with a plastic sleek body and the other in a shiny aluminium brushed structure.

So tech-savvy people can soon avail this Alcatel pair of One touch hero and its mini-me version remote device that will perform the tasks without even letting them touch their main phones. It now depends upon the users to count it as a solution to their bulky smart phones or take it as an extra burden because this too will need a pocket to fit in, but a smaller one.