Friday, 3 May 2013

Travel Writing – An experience revealed with expertise.

Many travel writing enthusiasts go astray in their endeavor to gain perfection in Travel Writing. The best part of Travel writing is that it not only is the best way of internet marketing but also a social revelation about the new concepts, culture and tradition of a destination. It is a way to convey the message of all the important factors like ecology, economy and society that are responsible in building a peaceful world in today’s society. These are the inevitable points that can attract readers with more involvement sharing their own views and opinions. Therefore, travel writing has more potential to grasp the desired outcome than any other category of writing.

With the span of time travel industry has overcome many conceptualized changes. Today, unlike the earlier definition of travel industry where it was more confined to exploring leisurely experiences, it has expanded its relevant field and acquired more intricate shape where every aspect of modern economy can be related with this industry. It has now moreover formed a shape where adventurous exploration is given more emphasis than the luxurious experiences. Ultimately the technicalities to pitch for travel writing have become more advanced. This article will show light on some basic areas that is required by most of the travel companies before one opts for pitching their criteria for a travel writing.

  • It’s not the destination, but the experience.

A true traveler loves to explore newer destination not only because of the unique natural beauty the destination is blessed with but altogether an experience of uniqueness that one gets mingling with the environment and culture of the desired destination. Therefore, what makes the travel writing unique is the experience of the travel writer, because the destination can be explored by everyone, but everyone cannot gain the same experience.

  • A true perspective of the destination rather than artistic description.

It’s not always the good thing about a place that turns the article into catchy travel writing but also the consequences and ugly side of the destination. The artistic description that only reveals the beauty of a place will make the article more like an exaggerated fiction, whereas the travel writing amalgamates the real experiences of the world that can not always be one’s sweet memories. A narrative description with perfect mixture of common feelings of a traveler is what will hold the readers making them flow in the writer’s shoes.

  • Be a true guide to escort the readers to the destination.

It should always be remembered that as a travel writer you don’t want to end your writing like a news reader, but a true guide with expert instructions about the destinations like how to reach ?, where to stay? What not to miss? Etc. However, all these things doesn't require to be described in an educational manner, but rather like an experience that you've gained because there are always better options that you may not have availed. 

  • Define the culture on the basis of its different features in comparison to other common culture. 

Every country, city, town and village has its different culture, that may sometime seem mean in comparison to your culture, but that doesn't mean that it’s inferior to your culture. The description should be in a tone of a discoverer rather than a reviewer.  That’ll reveal the respect a true traveler should have regarding every destination of this world.

  •  Enliven the moments with perfect emotions that you truly lived it with. 
Your emotional tone describing the moments will act like a visualized video where every reader can feel his or her own presence flowing with every sentence of your article. Therefore, the endeavor should be to make it precise without any tedious exaggeration that can otherwise turn your perfect article to a boring piece of material 

  • Make it an open ended writing that’ll hold the readers and heighten their curiosity of your next exploration. 
It’ll not only help you to stay motivated in writing but also the readers to come back and check for your next exploration. An open ended article doesn't mean that you should leave it in its incomplete form but your writing skills should be creative to cleverly mention your next move. For example, “The experience was great and now I know in advance what I should expect before going to India, my next destination.”

In the end, as a travel writer you should build the passion to share your experiences with the world and an eye to see praiseworthy things about a place that common people never can feel. It is always best to accept the notion that some small and unnoticed things in this world can precisely bring more happiness than the biggest things in this world.    


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