Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Are you spending your valuable time searching for writing jobs?

This situation is most common among the aspiring writers who would be struggling to enliven their spirit of a writer while in their starving situation. The new writers often face this reluctant situation while they endeavor to switch their work and get the entry to their passionate world of writing. The hours and days are spent on hunting for the alluring websites, links, and articles that hypnotize their readers with enchanting words revealing the promises of greener pastures that are seldom easier to the extent in the way they are written. This often leads the writers out of the track where they forget the objective of their effort – Writing.

 When it comes to writing, there are two ways to earn money. One is by bidding or pitching for the jobs that are mentioned in many freelancing sites like Odesk, Elance and The other option seems tedious and non-achievable for the writers like earning money from Google adsense, Amazon and Chitika. The second option requires enough time to generate revenues for the writers, and this particular thought makes the writer to select this option in their pending list. This pending list is then never filled as the time is spent more on searching for instant payment writing jobs that fuel the wagon of freelance writing career of the writers. As the assignments or the contracts are finished, the writer is again seen on the way to hunt for such instant payment writing jobs.  The struggle continues and the writer slowly loses the creative independent spirit that he had in the beginning, and gets more inclined towards the assigned topics. Ultimately, the writer takes the same passionate job as a deadline to meet, rate to negotiate, rejections to be reviewed, Grammer to be scratched, and the payment date to be waited. The time passes by not as a writer but as a reviewer where the things are to be re-written in a different and unique style, in other words avoiding plagiarism.

In order to tackle such inevitable situation, the writers can precisely follow a predetermined schedule that will slowly drive their passion into perfection, when a day will come when the hunt for writing jobs will end and the income figures will seem like magical scores rising without the least effort compared to the hunt for writing assignments.
  • 1.     Create a blog, and start writing anything you wish to proclaim to this world as a writer.

    2.     Follow the routine stringently where you make sure to submit at least three good articles every day.

    3.    Plan your time to hunt for higher paying writing jobs, and until then, be with your current writing profile in freelance writing jobs.

    4.   Never let the pressure kill your creativity and enthusiasm for your preferred niche or genre of writing.

    5.     Do not be too avaricious to jump for higher paying writing jobs. With the span of time, you will get the jobs that will offer you higher payments.

    6.     Take the feedback and rejections with an optimistic view and work on it rather than accusing the sites as fraudulent sites. Even if the sites are scam, you need to have efficient writing skills to proclaim your situation in the forums and posts.

    7.     Do not let impatience rule on your passion, take this job more as a passion than an earning option. This will help you to stay oblivious of the long span of time required for your blog to start generating viable income for you.

    8.     Build your own perspective about all the options that you learn for making money online by writing.

    9.     Plan some extra time for social life as this gives you the inspiration to write for new topics that can be unique with your own experience.

    10. Think as a writer rather than a content developer, as in the end your own creative skills are what that turn every common niche into a unique piece of article.

    So, just take your time and think about the hours you have spent for registration in those promising websites, and finally all went in vain when you found some problem with the site and had to quit back. These times could have been well utilized to fill your own sites that will slowly reach you to your desired position as a writer.